Is a Dermabrasion Procedure Right For You?

Dermabrasion is a clinical procedure where the upper layer of your skin is scraped away to encourage new tissue growth. This is done to remove wrinkles, scars, and other blemishes on your skin.Dermabrasion removes the damaged surface layer of the skin. It promotes new skin growth. It is mostly done to eliminate scars, fine wrinkles, age spots, sun damage, surgery scars, and blotches. It can work on male or female patients. It’s even suitable for the elderly.

Can You Quality For Dermabrasion?

While dermabrasion can reduce age blemishes, remove tattoo scars and wrinkles, there are other procedures that can do this. Talk to your surgeon and discuss if dermabrasion is the best choice for what you want. Some pre-existing skin conditions, like inflammatory acne and burn scars can cause the surgeon to advise against this treatment. Also, if you have darker skin, that might prevent this treatment from being effective, it can also cause permanent discoloration. It’s only advisable for people with light skin. If you have an immunity problem that can make healing a slower process. If you’re sensitive to cold, the surgeon might hesitate to recommend Dermabrasion. The procedure commonly requires numbing the skin with cold packs and freezing sprays.

Learn What You Can:

Ask about alternative procedures like chemical peel. This can prove to be more effective for your condition. If the surgeon thinks dermabrasion will work for you, ask about the details of the procedure, recovery time, what to expect, and how painful it can be. Ask about aftercare and any complications that might arise and how they will be dealt with. If you decide to get this treatment, prepare yourself for it. This process wounds your skin. It tends to be painful for a few days. Your healing skin will look red and sore before it begins to come back to your normal skin tone. Also, dermabrasion will only work on flat acne scars and shallow wrinkles. It isn’t as effective on deep wrinkles and scars, so be realistic in what you expect from it.